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Welcome to Midi à sa porte !

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Welcome to Midi à sa Porte, a strange blog fully dedicated to doors (“Portes”, in French).


Yes, doors...

World doors (Yeah, we can say "world music" ? So we can say "world doors"!).

The "concept" is as follows :

each day, at 9 pm, a photo of door is posted. Sometimes with a comment, a quote, sometimes with a title, just a title. But at 9 pm, everyday. Obsessional. Yeah. This is a ritual-blog, a blog that helps you opening the door to something different from the whole day stuff. Sometimes I suggest a possibility , sometimes it’s just a photo. Which says: do switch off your TV, switch off. And maybe switch off the Internet too (after Midi à sa Porte, of course).

But this is a blog about beauty too, on time passing by or coming to us, on literature, on photography. And I must say: it’s made for fun (but for that part unfortunately you need to speak French!).

“Voir midi à sa porte” is a French expression that means: "to be wrapped up in oneself". Well, that’s the translation of a dictionnary, I wish it could help you to understand. In my terms I would say: to consider the truth is on the threshold of one’s door. Well, I’m not sure mine is better! But I guess you… 've guessed what it means, now.

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Midi à sa Porte is interested in everyone’s door, so in everyone’s truth. That’s fantastic to say that. I never said that elsewhere (there’s nothing in the French version of this blog stating that big thing, you know, this is an English-exclusive truth package!). But that’s true.

Well, I won’t write a dissertation or a novel on the subject (in fact I would think about it, cause apart from snapping photographs of doors, I write novels), but if you would be fascinated by any further information or explanation, or if you absolutely want to give me some, or if you're superior desire is to send me a photo of a nice door of your country (I could one day publish it and link it to your own blog if you have one), please send me an email, this could be interesting for both of us and will help me maintain my english.

The rest of this blog, sorry, is in French, except for the photos, which are digital. Sometimes titles are in English, too, I don't why exactly.

OK. 1000 doors are waiting for your eyes...

Kind regards from Lyon (where I live 'cause there're so many doors. I'll show you when you 'd come



Homepage of the blog

Further explanations on “why not a blog on doors and many things”

Send me an email or a photo



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